Here you will find definitions of terms and commands I will use in my posts.  This page will continually grow.

Americans with Disabilities Act.  Enacted in 1990, this act protects the civil rights of all people with disabilities.

The American Kennel Club.

Michigan Department of Corrections acronym for the Baraga Correctional Facility.

Assistant Resident Unit Supervisor in the Michigan prison system.

Career-changed dog from the Leader Dogs for the Blind program. 

The American Kennel Club's "Canine Good Citizen" program.

Correctional Officer in the Department of Corrections.

A cue is something that elicits a behavior. It can be a spoken word, a physical movement, or something in the environment. I prefer to use the word "cue" instead of "command" because my goal is for my puppy to learn to make appropriate decisions, a skill that will be necessary to become a successful Leader Dog.
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A Future Leader Dog puppy that is raised by a second raiser. If, for whatever reason, the original volunteer puppy raiser cannot raise the puppy through to its time to return to Leader Dogs for the Blind for its formal training, the puppy is returned to Leader Dogs and reassigned to another raiser.

Future Leader Dog -- a puppy being raised until one years old, then returned to Leader Dogs for the Blind for formal leader dog training.

Future Leader Dog puppies must have some socialization outside of the prison. Volunteers take them out on "furlough" to get experiences in malls, schools, church, restaurants, fire departments, traffic, etc. 

A prisoner that has been cleared to exit the prison gate. At Chippewa Correctional Facility, gate pass prisoners help carry dog food and supplies from the Leader Dogs for the Blind van into the Pike Unit.

This refers to the ability of a dog to perform learned tasks in every setting.  Dogs do not "generalize."  Thus, when a puppy learns to "sit" in the living room, he or she may not know how to "sit" in the kitchen.  Teach your puppy a command in one area, then teach that command again in a different area. The more your puppy learns,  your puppy will learn "how to learn," and successive skills will become easier to teach.

German Shepherd Dog.

The blind or visually impaired person who is guided by a working Leader Dog.

All dogs need to be able to tolerate being examined by a veterinarian, so puppy raisers practice a handler's exam. This entails looking at the puppy's eyes, ears, teeth and feeling the puppy all over, including each leg and paw and under the tail. The puppy needs to be groomed, so it must allow brushing with a slicker brush.

An In-For-Training standard is a skill that Leader Dogs for the Blind has identified as one which puppy raisers must work toward with their puppies. Most of these skills have to do with self-control and basic obedience.

Future Leader Dog puppies must learn to sit calmly while their handlers meet other people. Raisers practice having people approach and work on having the puppy stay in a sit position.

This refers to the skill of a puppy knowing its name. We practice this from day one, and reward our puppies when they look at us after we say their name. Strong name recognition can lead to a strong recall, and is helpful when redirecting the puppy from distractions.

This is the Leader Dogs for the Blind command to "go potty."

Sleeping areas in the Baraga Correctional Facility are set up in half-wall "pods" that accommodate three inmates.

Rally is a fun dog sport that focuses on obedience. Participants follow stations that have various skills to perform as a team. For more information, check out this AKC rally link.

Recall refers to getting your puppy to come to you when cued.

Resident Unit Manager in the Michigan prison system.

Michiganders refer to Sault Ste. Marie as the "Soo."

S.T.A.R. puppy
The American Kennel Club's "S.T.A.R. Puppy Program." The S stands for "socialization," the T for "Training," the A for "Activity" and the R for "Responsibility."

This cue can be useful in many public situations with your Future Leader Dog puppy - getting your puppy to go "under" your chair or table.

U.P. or UP
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Residents of the U.P. are often known as "Yoopers," while those of us who live "below the bridge" (in the southern peninsula, south of the Mackinac Bridge) are "trolls."

Michigan Department of Corrections acronym for the Chippewa Correctional Facility.

A term referring to residents of the UP, now found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.


  1. Very good, thanks for defining these words and acronyms so we know what you are talking about.

    1. You are welcome. I do try to explain them the first time I use them, but I find that a "definitions" page is helpful to new readers. Thanks for stopping by!